Friday, April 18, 2008

'My Interview With Alicia Witt', or 'Why I Cringe At The Sound Of My Voice'

alicia-witt-miss-pasternak-two-and-a-half-menThe spring issue of Genlux magazine is on the newsstands, and my interview with Alicia Witt (88 Minutes) is the cover story. Which is exciting because the photos are beautiful, but honestly, my interview pales in comparison. (Although, in my defense they did change a word here and there.) And holy crap - my byline is like 90-point type, so there's no pretending I didn't do it.

Why is it that sometimes seeing your own words in print is as painful as hearing your own voice on tape? There you are, thinking you sound like Lauren Bacall or Angelina Jolie, but instead what comes back at you from that speaker sounds like Fran Drescher being strangled. While gargling. Inside a tin can.

For some reason I'm thinking everyone reading this interview is going to picture me as a three-foot-tall, pear-shaped housewife wearing mom-jeans and a newsboy cap.

Which, for the record, I'm not. I'm wearing a fedora.

(Click here to read text. You know, only if you want to.)

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  1. I loved the interview!

    Love the fedora, by the way.

    Going to see 88 Minutes this weekend - I lurve Al.


  2. I have the interview opened in another tab so that the second the kids stop pawing at me I can focus on, what I am sure are your exquisite words.

    Cover story. COVER story. Whoo!

  3. I loved the line about the black clothes and this being a phone interview. Heh.

  4. Hey Lady,

    Your interview was 1000x better than "88 Minutes." Saw it this weekend and it was bad. And I'm a rabid, lifelong Pacino fan.

  5. How awesome is that? You rocked that interview. I never post my articles, because who wants to read the puff pieces I write? (12 More Things Your Husband Would Like to See in Bed at Night!) Instead, I'll enjoy your writing, because clicking on your website always means I'll have something fab to read. End of fawning: I hate the sound of mah voice, too.

  6. GREAT interview! You should be really proud -- everyone HATES the sound of their own writing, fashizzle. Congratulations on the COVER story! Hope you celebrated!

  7. Very can you don your fedora and read it to me so I can get the whole sound of your voice (preferably over lunch one day soon!)vibe as well.

  8. The interview was fantastic - rock on! Congrats on the COVER story!

  9. whimper. I just quit my job to freelance write full time and reading things like that make me want to run back to IT :)

    Great article.

  10. love love love!
    great interview!

  11. You are totally awesome! So very awesome.

    And a good writer.

    And I know what you mean about the sound of your own is just awful and horrible. I used to work at a call center and we would have to listen to some of our taped calls every week. It was TORTURE. I always sounded like a out of breath, fast talking, um-humer and tongue clicker. OHMYWORD I don't know why people didn't just hang up on me in pure digest.

    Anyway, this isn't about me and my horrible telephone voice. it's about you and how you rocked your interview! Again. You are awesome.

  12. That is awesome!

    And I am almost certainly positive that you do not sound or write anything even remotely resembling Fran Drescher!


  13. Rock! I've been away dandling by baby daughter on my knee and doing the working mom dance, and here you are interviewing movie stars and having lunch with Jessica Alba. Excellent stuff.

    Now I have to go read the interview...

  14. my favorite part of all those pix is seeing your name in large print accross the top of the interview. girl! that rocks!

  15. You are way too cool....Lucky Alicia Witt to be interviewed by you...
    Congrats on the interview!


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