Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Traveling Pants

I was recently hired by Kango, a new travel website, to write a weekly post about things to do in L.A. I'm looking forward to this new venture, as there's nothing I enjoy more than going somewhere and then making sure everyone I know finds it as unbelievably fascinating as I do. That trip I took to the recyling plant? Let me tell you about all the different kinds of plastic I saw, and don't try and fool me with that glazed look in your eyes - I know you're mesmerized.

This week was my first post, and being close to Valentine's Day they asked me to write about a last minute romantic getaway. I wrote about the W Hotel, since it was the only truly romantic outing Rigel and I have had recently, unless you count the trip to Costco where he let me put anything I wanted in the cart and then he gallantly paid for it all. Nothing gets me hotter than a man who'll fork over his hard-earned cash for a twelve gallon drum of shampoo for his woman.

My husband and I have never been known as ‘plan ahead’ kind of people. We’re usually the ones who breeze into town without hotel reservations and then try to explain to our kids that we’ll have to keep driving for another two hours because who knew there’d be a Tupperware convention hogging all the rooms?

So Valentine’s Day has always posed a problem – without reservations and some stealth planning skills you’re likely to be stuck spending the night in a truck stop off Highway 5. (I realize that may scream romance to some of you, but try and keep that to yourselves)...
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  1. Good for you- I hope you'll like to the site so we can all read what you wrote!
    Truck Stops- maybe they don't SCREAM romance, but a soft whisper......

  2. Love the photo of Kango flying in the breeze. Regarding the burritos, what a great school district. Way beyond the call of duty.

  3. Might I suggest a visit to the Calabasas dump, Miz SPM? I was beyond amazed and I immediately stopped using plastic bags. Immediately. Or, how about a trip to Topanga State Park. If Arnie and his goons close it (as threatened), it could soon be on the endangered parks list (and it's beautiful).

  4. Ha! I was just in the W last week. Had an... interesting time.


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