Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where George Clooney Eats Calamari

My post for Kango this week is all about where to see celebrities in Los Angeles. This is something people always ask when they're visiting from out of town, but to be perfectly honest I never know what to tell them. You're just as likely to see someone famous at the dry cleaners as you are at a club on Sunset. Also, over time everyone in L.A. starts to look like a celebrity; you're not sure if they're all tanned and coiffed because they're on their way to a movie set or to their job at Starbucks. One time I kept staring at a guy in the Gap, trying to figure out what film I had seen him in, until he walked up to me and then I realized it was my friend's brother who looked familiar because I had seen him at a bar mitzvah three months before.

Did you watch the Academy Awards? Did you enjoy hanging out with all the winners at the Governors Ball afterwards? Yeah, my invitation got lost in the mail, too.

But there are other ways of brushing elbows with the A-listers, without having to lie your way into the Oscars by telling the guard that you’re Nicole Kidman’s obstetrician there to administer an ultrasound. (Which totally would have worked, by the way, if Keith Urban hadn’t noticed that I was flashing my library card and not a medical ID.) Here in L.A. the celebs are everywhere – buying sweaters, having coffee, eating lunch – just like you and me! Except with more money and better hair...Read More...

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