Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wintertime in Los Angeles: Put On Your Fleece Thong

My weekly post is up over at Kango. This week I was asked to write about wintertime in L.A., which made me laugh because when I sat down to write it was around 70° here. In fact, the only time I put on a sweater last week was just to cover up my pajamas when I dropped the girls off at school.

I ended up writing about a trip we took right before Christmas, where we did see actual snow. Of course, no amount of clothing really ever keeps me warm enough, so my memories of the trip were actually just racing from the car to the indoor heated snack bar, yelling, "I'm cold I'm cold it's too freaking cold" the entire way.

When Kango asked me to make this week’s post about wintertime in Los Angeles, I thought about it for a moment, as I sat outside in my tank top and capris sipping an iced tea. What do Angelenos know about winter anyways? Even a drop of rain has the weatherman on the local news drooling with excitement. Speaking for myself, any day where it drops below 65° is reason to bundle up in a ski parka and thermal underwear.

But there are places where us sun worshippers can get a little taste of what the rest of the country experiences during these winter months. We may point and laugh when we see you on TV, digging out your cars and putting on boots just to get your newspaper, but we secretly want a little of the cold weather – just as long as we can still drive home in our shorts...Read More...

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  1. Ah yes. But today -- it's a little bit winterlike here. And there may be rain at the Oscars! I am looking forward to seeing how they try to look glamorous when the red carpet gets soaked.

  2. Wow. I'm ashamed. I only just now realized you were in the L.A. area. Amazing. Considering I've been a reader for quite a while, my observational skills simply astound. I only say something 'cause I am too and thought I could wave at you. So... *wave*

  3. It's 19 degrees here in Misery, er, uh Missouri!

    Am SO envious of your warm weather. But then I think about how much money it costs to live where you do, and I just turn up the heater and eat an ice cream. heehee.

  4. Thats soooo unfair ;)

    I'm in seattle and while it doesnt often hit 19 degrees here, it's our winters that give us the name of the rainy city....we've had some sun here the last few days so that was very nice, but for the most part its gloomy rain :(

    Trying To Have a Baby - A Mother's Story

  5. My body was designed to be in your climate. I'm always cold here and tend to emit strange dying sounds whenever exposed to extremely low outside tempeartures. And that's with my cashmere thong.

  6. You had to put your sweater on to take the girls to school? I needed a zero degree parka the other day -- it was so stinking cold here. But then last week it warms up to 43 and people break out the tank tops. Dude, that is not warm enough to be showing that much shoulder, if you ask me!

  7. I think we can dump the fleecy thongs and Uggs this week. Bring on the caiparinhas!

  8. I hate winter and envy you! I want to go to the beach wearing a bathing suit (and not freezing my ass off) in February.

  9. Haha@Donna's comment. Yeah id like to see how glamorous they look with wet-racoon hair.
    It really is cold here now.


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