Friday, June 01, 2007

For Will.

Around a year ago my good friend Alex sent me a link to a blog. It was written by a friend of hers, a father who was chronicling the life of his then two-year-old son Will, who had been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma (NB) when he was seven-months old. While it was heartbreaking to read, I was immediately struck by how Will's father Patrick wrote with such clarity and eloquence about his son's fight with this devastating disease. Will Lacey is one of the few blogs I read everyday.

Since reading that first post I've followed Will's story through his various treatments, setbacks and agonizing waits for test results. Will's parents have been told there is no cure for his cancer.

I can't begin to imagine what Will and his family are going through. But I do know that reading Patrick's stories always make me want to hold my kids a little closer and enjoy them a little fuller. While Will's struggle is the overriding theme of the site, we also get a glimpse into the everyday life of a curious, rambunctious three-year old. Above all, Will's bravery and his parents' determination to find a cure are an inspiration to me everyday.

When I thought of nominating the post Insurmountable for a Perfect Post Award, I wanted to check with Patrick first. I felt almost embarrassed, that the award was maybe too irrelevant in the face of the serious struggles chronicled on Will's blog everyday. Would he even want his story mentioned on my site, next to trivial posts about schoolyard arguments and parental neuroses? But Patrick responded gracefully and said "...share the pain, spread the love" and felt that it was important for people to understand how horrible this disease really is.

"This is NB. This is what we all live in fear of. This is why we want a cure. This is why funds that are given for kids should be spent on kids. This is why I don't sleep. This is why I have nightmares. This is why I meditate. This is why I'll never be the same. This is why I have to believe there is a cure for Will. This is why I love people that I have never met, have never spoken to, and will never meet. This is why my heart breaks. This is why I created this website to keep from going insane. This is why I can never give up on Will."

This Perfect Post is for Patrick's impassioned writing that seeks to help us understand the struggle the children and the families affected by Neuroblastoma are faced with every minute of every day. But most of all, this is for the boy who is brave in the face of it all.

This is for Will.

A Perfect Post – May 2007


Please read the entire text of Insurmountable and the rest of Will's story here.

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  1. That was beautiful. I have to admit I don't know if I can go there. It's so hard to enter someone else's pain.

  2. For once, I am speechless.

    I cannot even fathom going through something this horrific with a child.

  3. Insurmountable was just a beautiful and heartbreaking thing to read.

    What a brave boy.

  4. hopefully that is something i will never have to go through, but if such misfortune comes into my life i hope i can approach and handle it with an ounce of the grace and dignity these parents do.

  5. I just read Insurmountable and all of Will's story.

    I am in awe of this little boy and his family.

  6. This is truly horrifying. I can't stop crying. But at the same time I'm grateful to have been allowed a glimps at that brave families life. Will's dad does indeed deserve that perfect post award. Thanks Marsha.

  7. I normally don't read serious blogs, because well, I'm just like that. I also don't watch serious movies or read serious books. Who knows why.

    Your post alone has me choked up, but I'm gonna go check out Patrick's blog. I'm doing it for Will, because I can't do much else for him except pray. I'll be doing that too.

  8. Thank you for pointing me in that direction.



  9. I'll head on over there, but I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how great it was to meet you and Rigel. Truly, it was really enjoyable to visit with you both. Both Will and I said so on the way home.

    Will said, "I really liked them. They both seemed really grounded."

    And then I said, "It's all the vodka they drink." :)

    Oh yeah, and you're hot too.

    We'll look forward to the next time.

  10. What a brave guy.

    I read a few other blogs about parents of children with special needs. I feel small compared to them.

  11. i can handle funny, creative, ad guy. i can not handle a parent's grief and the illness of a child.
    his reality is my worry.

    i may have to sit this one out.


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