Friday, August 12, 2005

I Used To Be Left Out Of The Conversation At Starbucks, But No More.

Here are some entries from

To clown car it
When more people than there are seatbelts are shoved into a car. When people have to sit on the floor or on each other.

Kelly was driving, Becky had shotgun, Ashley, Kelsey and Mandee were in back with the other Ashley sitting on Mandee and Jay sitting on Kelsey. I had to sit on Becky. We were so clown car-ing it.

Grill Check
1.When you ask a friend to make sure there is nothing in your teeth (or grill) after a meal or snack.

2.The act of checking the teeth or yourself or others for food bits.

"Katie! Grill Check!"

Person A:"That spinich pizza was great"
Person B:"Agreed! GRILL CHECK!"

A word that would come before no,as though the said phrase is completley obvious that the answer would be in the negative.

"Hey man do you like me?" "Prrrrfffff no!"

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