Thursday, August 04, 2005

Go See This Movie. Then Again, I Don't Get Out Much.

I went to see a movie called Junebug last night, which I really enjoyed, as did the other five people in the theater. And this on opening night. Let's just say that 'War Of the Worlds' needn't worry about it's per-screen average being eclipsed by this film, but at least it doesn't star an Insane Scientologist Who Licks His Girlfriend Alot. It's an indie movie, with an unknown cast, completely devoid of car crashes and gunplay and heavy on meaningful dialogue often spoken in hushed tones. (Translation: Dudes will just LOVE it!) I would definitely recommend it, and if you hate it I will send you nine dollars.

Then again! Maybe I am not fully qualified to give movie reviews, seeing as I rarely get to see these moving picture things in the theater, unless of course they feature talking animals or a magic car and the girl who loves him. So, the bias is there, and every theater outing is seen as a salvation of sorts, and maybe I would be just as effusive about the new Rob Schneider movie. Uh, maybe not.

But I can't hide my glee at being able to get out of the house for a whole two hours, by myself! If you were there, I was the one with the big-ass smile on my face, doing cartwheels down the hall all the way to theater 4 and telling everyone how much I loved them and how beautiful they were. Before you judge, let me emphasize here how much I love my kids and my husband (especially for watching the kids I love, so that I could get out of the house for a whole two hours, by myself! He's a keeper!) but since the beginning of summer I have been followed constantly by two small people determined to suck the life blood out of me. They demand snacks! They ask questions! They require craft projects! And at the end of the day, when all I ask for is a hug in return, they roll their eyes, flog me with their fruit roll-ups and say, "Ta! Can you be more NEEDY?" Well, not really. But you get the picture.

So stay tuned for my next movie review, when I once again venture out to mingle amongst the human race, set to occur around the time of the colonization of Mars. Mark your calendars!

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  1. Ahh, Sweatpantsmom, you've done it again!! Given me a good belly laugh! So, what was the movie about? Or were you too busy doing cartwheels to watch? :-)


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