Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I'm Not Making This Up

Following my bio-hazard scare the other day, I found this ad in a magazine:

I'm betting this was invented by a woman after being handed a pen pulled from behind someone's ear (or from some other strange crevice, which I don't even want to think of.)

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  1. You were just moments from creating this
    wonder of wonders for yourself...darn all that money going to the BIC corporation. But, I heard the big idea actually occurred in the men's room, at the urinal. Minding his business and "taking care of business", "FELIX" is interrupted by a work buddy that begins chatting him up. Before you know it,the bustling mensroom has turned social club... there's a lot of shaking, and shaking of hands, patting of backs and absolutely no time for washing of the hands. The big boom A-HA! The need for an antibacterial pen.
    Right-on Felix. But wouldn't it be easier just to wash your hands?

  2. Did you hear about the proctologist who reached into his breast pocket, pulled out a thermometer and said, "Oh Damnit! Some asshole has my pen!"


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