Monday, February 01, 2010

The Book of Mila Kunis

My interview with actress Mila Kunis is in the current issue of Genlux magazine. When I told people I was going to interview her the question I got most often was, "Who is Mila Kunis?" and "Does this mean you'll be able to pay me back the $20 you owe me?" To answer the first question, Mila currently stars in The Book of Eli with Denzel Washington but you might know her from That 70's Show and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The answer to the second question is, "No, and as your mother I'm deeply offended."

I've never had an interview subject get upset by any questions I've asked -- I thought for sure Kim Kardashian would bolt when I brought up O.J. Simpson but she was open and candid about the whole thing -- but Mila got pretty agitated when I brought up something about her I had found online. It involved her audition for "That '70s Show," and was a story about how she had lied about her age. All audition participants were required to be 18 years old, but Mila was only 14 and told producers she was going to be 18 "on her birthday," not specifying which birthday. She got the part despite having misled them, and her creativity in gaining the audition was said to have factored in to her being cast.

Personally, I thought it was a pretty awesome story and was thinking to myself how I was going to start telling people that I turned 30 "on my birthday."

Well, when I brought this up let's just say Mila wasn't congratulating me on my fine internet research skills. She said, "Alright, look -- I'm putting an end to this story right now!" and proceeded to tell me how sick she was of hearing it, what an old story it was and how she's been asked it for years and how she wished I was dead.

Okay, I made up that last part, but she was pretty hoppin' mad and my habit of beating a dead horse didn't help any when I then asked her, "So, is it true?" She kind of breathed a is-this-freaking-interview-over-yet sigh and then she said, "I didn't say it wasn't true." I finally left it at that because who needs Mila Kunis pissed at you? Not me.

I did find out she shops at Target and likes to sleep in, though, which makes her alright in my book.

You can read the interview and see all the awesome photos here.

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  1. Loved the interview! Just saw 'Book of Eli' and was kind of meh, but thought she did a surprisingly good job.


  2. I've read a lot of Mila interviews and seen quite a few on video and she comes across as incredibly nice and very grounded. You may have read a bit too much into her reaction.

    It's odd you need to explain who she is as her career has taken off and she has been interviewed for a ton of magazines, including Esquire very recently. But I can see how something she has been talking about since she was 14 gets old....she's talked about it for years, you can watch her address it on youtube when she did the Craig Kilborn show years the grand scheme I would say this was no big deal and I thought she was very good in Book of Eli.

  3. Having Mila Kunis mad at you should give you the same amount of anxiety as "almost being out of soap".

    I liked in the trailer for The Book of Eli where they put a deep bass rumble behind her name. Some sound editor was probably laughing his ass off at making the name "Mila Kunis" sound dramatic.

  4. How cool. I even knew who she was without having to Google her. And I'm freakin' old.

  5. I love how EVEN though it is TRUE. And it was deceitful and annoying (I mean they have age limits on sets for reasons like union fees and insurance etc)...she has the nerve to be UPSET about discussing it?

    Look Mila, we barely know your name. You should be glad anyone is interviewing you at all!

    And sweatpants? Another STELLAR job!

  6. At the risk of sounding totally as racist, I can never tell white Hollywood women apart. I put them in 4 categories: old or young and blonde or brunette. After sorting them out that way, they're all the same person to me. I still have NO idea who this woman is and I've seen all of the things you said she was in. Well, she has an interesting name, eh?

  7. Congratulations Marsha! You know you're on the road to success when a star blows up in your face.

  8. awesome interview. I'm going to rent that sarah marshall movie b/c of your article.

  9. as many other girls in this world, Mila Kunis walk in a sensual path, that eyes, that mouth, but the most relevant feature is that look.

  10. what have this girl in her look that make feel like total fool, that mouth, that body, dude this women is perfect to be a vampire, if a vampire like she attack me, for sure can leave me without a drop of blood jajajaja.


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