Friday, October 10, 2008

Cleaning Out My Camera, Part II: This Cat's Got Balls

Here's something else I found while cleaning out the chip on my camera. This is our cat Milkshake. No, he's not dead, or sick and we certainly didn't pose him this way. He sleeps like this EVERYDAY. Unlike other normal cats that like to curl up into a cute little ball or lay themselves sleekly across a windowsill, Milkshake usually saunters into a room, yawns a couple of times, plops down on any comfortable surface and then lets it all hang out, brazenly exposing his kitty parts for all the world to see. I find it mildly unsettling - I certainly don't let Rigel lay around the house like this, and I don't think my cat should either. It's especially rude when you're trying to watch TV, he settles into this position next to you and then farts. (I'm talking about Milkshake, not Rigel.)

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  1. LOL my kittens do that, and they're girls!!!!

  2. Has that cat been getting into the scotch again?


  3. He looks like he needs basting

  4. Cats fart? Well, I suppose, of course they do. But that's kinda funny to me for some reason. Kitty farts. Ha!

  5. NorCal Sistah10/14/2008 6:38 PM

    If it makes you feel any better that is how my dog Riley likes to sleep -- but of course he has a lot more fur to cover up his unmentionables so it is not as shocking. The amusing part about Riley's position is that he has to be next to a wall in order to lay that way--the worst is when he does this next to the fire place and hits the metal door-makes a hell of a racket. At least Milkshake curls up his front paws -- that's kind of cute (isn't it?).

  6. He is soooo cute!


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