Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cleaning Out My Camera, Part I: Plushies Revolt

I decided to take a break from my strenuous life of napping and coffee drinking and clean out my camera. Rigel bought me this huge mega-chip and it holds around forty-years worth of photos, but it means that I can just keep shooting and shooting and never download them. I realized how dangerous this is, though, when I was at Disneyland and thought for a millisecond that I had lost the camera - there goes all the photos from every single Christmas of my children's lives, not to mention the Beatles farewell concert.

I came across this video that I shot when I took the girls to the AnimeExpo a couple of months ago. I wasn't sure what they were marching for, and wondered what injustices had occurred in order to bring these anime characters together in passionate protest. What exactly were they asking for? Equal rights for plushies? A cap on the price of felt? I never did figure it out, but I'm pretty sure that parasol is considered a weapon in several states.

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  1. "Equal Pay For 2-Dimensional Characters!"


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