Saturday, March 22, 2008

Is That a Pastrami Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

I love food. Eating it, cooking it, watching it being prepared, shopping for it - why, Rigel sometimes accuses me of being more excited to see a steak than I am about seeing him. I told him that's totally untrue, that I'm always happy to see him but would be freakin' ecstatic if he were laying sizzling on a plate, covered in a nice peppercorn sauce and accompanied by some garlicky mashed potatoes.

But while I certainly appreciate a fine meal, there's nothing like sitting down with an amazing burger, beautifully nestled in its grease-stained cardboard box and holding court next to a nine-thousand-calorie chocolate shake. Which is why I decided to write about my five favorite dives in Los Angeles for Kango this week. Also, it gave me another chance to take a dig at Trout Lady:

Here’s something to do when you’re stuck dining with one of those unbelievably obnoxious “foodies” who not only finds it necessary to “teach” you the correct pronunciation of each item on the menu but then insists on giving you a breakdown of every ingredient in all the dishes, from the gruyére to the légumes.

I like to pose a question to all the guests, who, like me are now practically comatose from the yammerings of our food-nut. What is your favorite dive in town? Where would you go if what you were craving wasn’t a fine fricassée with a nice cabernet but a greasy taco and a wax cup full of Coke? I like to watch everyone come to life as they regale their tablemates with tales of legendary double-decker burgers and homestyle empanadas. Then I like to watch our pretentious friend fume over our lowbrow conversation...Read More...

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    (They make awesome mashed potatoes, too. Probably enough fat and cholesterol to kill you, but what a way to go.)


  2. Tito's Tacos is the best! There's nothing better than ordering your taco under a freeway overpass. It's quintessential LA at it's finest.

    I enjoy your blog!


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