Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Come See For Yourself How Short Ryan Seacrest Really Is

My latest post is up at Kango. I wrote about American Idol this week. Not so much about the obsessive hold the damn show has on me and my girls, but about what you can expect if you're kind of crazy and decide to come to Hollywood and try and see a live taping. It's not something I'd really want to do, since half the fun is sitting on the couch and shaking our fists at the screen and shouting things like, "You suck" or Kira's favorite line, "OMIGOD I TOTALLY HATE HER." I don't think you can do things like that if you're in the audience.

If you happen to stop by my house on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 8 and 9:30 and you’re not delivering a pizza, chances are you’ll be left standing at the door. Okay, maybe my husband will answer, but he’ll be under strict orders to get rid of whoever is there as soon as possible. This is because me and my two daughters cannot be disturbed while we’re engaged in that most noble of American pastimes: Heckling the performers on American Idol...Read More...

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  1. American Idol - plegh. I have a much more dignified obsession - Girlicious.


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