Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Little Fashionistas Duke It Out.

Do your kids bicker? Mine do. So when they started arguing in the supermarket today I tried to ignore it, figuring they'd work it out between themselves. I was getting pretty tired of trying to help them negotiate whose turn it was to push the cart, or whether the Strawberry Kiwi juice boxes were better than the Minute Maid lemonades. But then I noticed it was getting a little heated so I started listening, thinking maybe I should put my two cents in.

Kira: That is sooooo not true. This shirt is perfectly fine.

Kiyomi: Is SO true! You shouldn't be wearing it.

Me: What IS the problem now?

Kira: She's telling me that I shouldn't be wearing white after Memorial Day.

For the record, Kiyomi had no idea what it meant, or even that the saying is actually "no white after Labor Day." But it still made me wonder if this was a preview of fights I can expect in the future. Will the battles over what cartoon to watch soon give way to which lipstick is the proper shade for fall, or whose purse really matches their shoes?

I'm not ready.

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  1. Kiyomi would have a field day with me, as I sit here in my white pants and white sandals.

  2. oi vey.

    I have a very cool 5 year old she might get a long with- last December she pronounced a girl at the mall 'cool.' I asked why, and was told breathily that 'I like her eyebrows.'

    I'm so scared.

  3. i would totally be down with the fashionista discussions because
    i'm terribly old school.

    no linen and white shoes after labor day.

    as if i would actually shove my size 11's in white boats in the first place.

  4. My 17 year old (an adult, practically) and my 4 year old just finished having an argument about waffles. They were perfectly serious.

    It doesn't matter what genders they are or how far apart they are in age, siblings just HAVE to argue.

    In fact, I think I'm going to call one of my brothers right now and start an argument. For old time's sake.

  5. Mine just yell "NO" and "YES" back and forth at each other from their car seats. WTF?

  6. this reminds me of the time i showed up to my cousin's house on long island wearing a skirt without pantyhose and was met with such a loud series of gasps and stares, not to mention a stern talking to and a free pair of nude pantyhose.
    pantyhose that suffocated me and had me scratching my legs for days.

    apparently it was such a fashion don't that it warrants discussing 8 years after the fact! what do you think would happen if they knew that some years i wear white throughout the year?!

  7. Ha Ha Ha!!!
    I'm always mixing that up!

  8. Yikes! I wouldn;t be ready either!!!

  9. NorCal Sistah5/30/2007 9:54 AM

    I can't wait for my brother to deal with an agrument such as that. hehehe. I think he would be speechless.

    That story reminded me about the argument the girls had in the car about the Starbuck's Napkin and who should have it. I think Rigel's response was something like "how about neither of you having the napkin -- how about that!" But you would probably remember better than I since you were there not I.

  10. Mine argue whether boys have have their ears pierced.

    The fighting never ends, what happened to the "twin bond" I read about??

  11. I could have written this post. Only substitute grocery store with hair salon.

    *cries and looks for chocolate*

  12. My two girls are only 2 and just shy of 5 and they bicker over toys and cartoons and food.

    So not ready for the serious fashionista hair pulling fights. So not ready.

  13. This hit home for me. The other day my youngest two boys were arguing about who would get to marry a cute girl they both have a crush on at school.


  14. jen from Boston5/30/2007 4:47 PM

    there is a VERY famous battle in my house b/n my sister (5 yrs my jr.) and myself over LIP LINER.

    I'll say it again. LIP. LINER.

    We are talking full on rage and ending w/ me throwing a tube of lipstick (which in the end, ended up being mine) aross our yard, the street and into the neighbors bushes (what can I say, I have quite the arm when I'm pissed).

    There are still feelings about this fight and who was being undult prosecuted. Now it's comical but underneath I bet I could make that fight resurface.

  15. I feel your pain about the bickering children i have 2 boys and 2 girls. sometimes its like war of the roses but I mediate pretty good.

    Happy Trails.

  16. Kira's right. A good 99% of the population should not be wearing white after memorial day. Especially in the form of bathing suits, belly shirts, and all iterations of lycra-spandex

  17. Oh my goodness, that is funny!

    I have two boys and don't see any fashion disputes in the near future...

  18. Well, I supposed bickering is better than having a whining child every.single.day!! My sister calls my middle child "Merlot" b/c he whines a lot. Get it, wine...

  19. Thankfully Mimi and Rosie do not yet argue about fashion. But Mimi did tell me on Saturday that she wanted to dress nicely to go to the playground "to impress the other kids."



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