Thursday, January 14, 2010

'Got Milk' Party at the W Hotel: If living like a rich person is wrong I don't want to be right

I spent Monday afternoon like I do most weekdays - hanging out in a cabana at my favorite posh Westside hotel while my children skated on the custom ice rink. Occasionally a waiter would venture by and I'd flutter my eyelashes and ask delicately, "Got any more of those sliders coming off the grill?" and then my friends and I would throw back our heads and laugh uproariously not because it was funny but only to attract the attention of the cabana boy that was folding towels just within earshot. You know how those cabana boys can't resist women eating sliders and laughing really loudly.

Okay, I really did go to a party at the W Hotel on Monday afternoon and I really did ask a waiter for sliders. Only, instead of laughing uproariously I just sort of sheepishly grinned because by the look on the waiter's face I knew he was trying to figure out what happened to the entire platter of mini-pizzas he had just left on the table a few minutes before.

Well, in reality my life may not be as glamorous as I'd like and my cabana boy is terrible at folding towels, but thanks to the Got Milk people I got to spend an afternoon with my girls at my favorite spot, at a party with at least two celebrities in attendance; the event was to introduce Rebecca Romijn as the new Milk Mustache model, and her husband Jerry O'Connell was there, too. Here's my shot of Rebecca. I didn't want to appear too obvious, so I snapped it with my iPhone while I was walking by. That may or may not be Jerry's attractive, manly arm in the left side of the frame:

(Kira had no idea who Rebecca Romjin was until I told her she used to be married to John Stamos. At which point she squealed, "OMIGOD, SHE WAS MARRIED TO JESSE?" You have to be a Full House fan to appreciate that one.)

The event was also to kickoff the 'Great Gallon Give,' a campaign to help families in need by passing a virtual gallon of milk to friends on Facebook ( For every virtual gallon passed, $1 (up to $100,000) will go to Feeding America. That's right - instead of making a ham sandwich in CafeWorld or cultivating your potato field on Farmville (you know who you are) you could be helping a family in need.

Getting back to the food (I always do) I had the most amazing, exquisite hors d'oeuvre there: a shooter of homemade tomato soup topped off with a tiny, perfect grilled cheese sandwich. I want all my lunches to be like this from now on. Only I'd need like forty of these to make a meal.

The girls had a great time ice skating, except at one point Kira motioned me over frantically to the rink and by the look on her face I thought she had just found out she'd missed a Forever 21 sale. Apparently every time she skated by one particular boy, who appeared to be around 6, he put his hand to his ear to mimic a phone and whispered to her, "Call me." I promised her I wouldn't Twitter it, although when she deadpanned, "I finally get hit on, and it's by a toddler," I told her that kind of comic genius deserved to be shared with the world.

(Also, that ice rink? Not real ice. It's a series of interlocking white panels with some sort of surface that mimics ice. And they do parties! I'm going to see if I can get a tiny one set up in my living room so that I can practice along with the skaters during the Winter Olympics.)

In addition to the ice skating they had some crafts to keep the little ones busy -- Lego tables and an area for helping kids plant herbs. Kiyomi came home with a nice little gardening kit that she's going to use for starting her own garden. The girls are older and jaded now, though, so they preferred to just kick back with me in the cabana and wait for hors d'oeuvres to come by. I'm so proud!

It was a great afternoon, and I know I've said it before but those Got Milk people know how to throw a party. It was hard to get back in my car, fight the traffic and get back to reality. At least my cabana boy was waiting at home for me.

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  1. Oh, man. I feel Kira's pain. The vast majority of the would-be suitors out there are either too young (as in, just-traded-in-their-fake-IDs young) or waaaaay too old. (A remarkable number of men seem to think that telling a woman he has kids her age is an effective way of establishing common ground. It's not.)

    I could probably overlook the age thing for Uncle Jesse, though. He's still so dreamy. I definitely have the Jesse and the Rippers cover of "Forever" on my iPod. And have you seen the music video? It's a masterpiece of waxed chests and flowing hair—complete with the world's slowest and most out-of-place synchronized head-banging ever. A must-see, obviously.

  2. Sounds like a lovely party. I have to say what balls (not literally) that 6year old had to hit on an older girl.

    (I love the W Hotel too!)


  3. Glad you had a great time! We were there, too! Wish we would have seen you! And so funny about the 6-year-old. LOL!

  4. Bummed I missed the event!

    Tell her I want to be hit on too....

  5. Um, can I have your life?


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  7. just one question, is a curious name for a party don't you think? is not for be a sick, but when you see this title, you think in a party with girls, with big breast jajajaja.


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