Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Morning in Whoville

Last Thursday I was invited to the media opening of Grinchmas, the holiday celebration taking place through December at Universal Studios Hollywood. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was there, and I'd like to point out that this signals somewhat of a trend. Within the span of 45 days I was at two functions where prominent political figures were present; before this I was at the Women's Conference back in October which Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was hosting with his wife Maria Shriver. Coincidence? I think not. And if anyone from Obama's campaign is reading this, I hope this proves that I absolutely would not be a safety risk should you decide to invite me to the Inauguration in February - I know my invitation must be delayed in some security check so I held off on putting down the final payment on my gown (Note to Wal-Mart layaway department: Stop calling me.) And if anyone tells you they saw me shoving one of the mayor's bodyguards out of the way to get close enough to take this picture they are totally lying:

Also? They may claim they heard me yelling, "Mayor - look this way! Look over here I said look over here! TONY, DON'T MAKE ME COME OVER THERE" but they would absolutely be making that up as well.

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (the original, animated version) is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies, and Universal did an amazing job of recreating a Whoville-inspired setting, from the cartoon red carpet that welcomes you to the park to the scene of the opening ceremonies: A huge tree surrounded by presents and REAL SNOW. They also invited 150 elementary school kids to take part in the festivities, and you can imagine what the combination of L.A. city kids and a big blanket of fresh powder looks like. Why, I just so happen to have a video here to show you:

More than a few of those snowballs landed in my purse. Also, my heart goes out to the poor soul whose job it was to come up with something that rhymes with Villaraigosa. 'Big Beach Hermosa' may not be poetic but it's certainly better than 'I ate a Samosa' which is what I came up with.

Kiyomi caught wind of the fact that I had gone to this event without her (she didn't seem to care that it would have meant pulling her out of school and missing her last orchestra rehearsal before the holiday concert) so that means I'll be making a trip back to Whoville soon. I tried to explain to her that the mayor wouldn't be there this next time and in fact I couldn't guarantee that any political figures would be there that day, but all she seemed to care about was seeing the snow. Kids are funny that way.

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  1. Fun fun! I just read the Grinch this past weekend to my girls. There's nothing that beats the original animated flick.

    You political figure stalker you. ;)

  2. This sounds great - I'd love to know how they're going to keep that snow from melting in the L.A. heat!

    Sounds like it's worth a trip over just to see Whoville. Maybe I'll run into the mayor...


  3. Did I hear the mayor say "Happy Whonakkah?" I've always wanted to visit Whoville, I'm going!

  4. NorCal Sistah12/10/2008 10:20 AM

    Can I sign up to be your assistant -- you get to go on the best "field trips" -- of course, Kiyomi has probably applied for the position ahead of me. You can order me to fetch your Starbucks Coffee!


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